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Festa Junina - Contadores de Estorias - IBEC

Venha se divertir e traga toda a sua familia.

Barraquinhas, Brincadeiras, Pipoca, Pastel, Salgadinhos, Comidas Tipicas, Drinks.

Tambem havera Quadrilha das criancas e sorteio de rifas

Musica ao vivo

6/10/2018 12:00:00 AM 6/10/2018 12:00:00 AM
One Time - Sunday, June 10, 2018
Community Center - Saint John Baptist Church...
- 6500 Gladys Ave - 94530 El Cerrito - California
Event free
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Beauty and Contrast
Thinking in Different Scales

Mara Galvao . Rachael Brogdon
On Display February 23rd - March 28th  
Artists Reception, Saturday, March 3rd 5pm - 9pm
Playing with movement, color and contrast.  
Delicately handcrafted pieces of metal artfully shaped and molded into wearable art
harmoniously share space with large canvases with layers and layers of paint
in spontaneous and frantic strokes. 
Showing that diversity is beautiful and contrast is part of our lives.

About Mara:

A mixed of mediums with vigorous and colorful strokes, drips and splashes is what makes of the works of Mara Galvão, a Brazilian artist, so interesting.
Mara Galvão is a self-taught artist who was born and raised in Brazil. She lives in SF Bay Area with her family since 2000.

Her work is an expression of her passion for the beautiful country she was born in, and her paintings reveal, the raw, rustic and natural elements so much present in the country, and also the rich, colorful and spontaneous cultural aspects of it.

Her process is a combination of techniques she has learned in the US and from working closely with some well-known artists in Brazil. She incorporates pigments, coffee grounds, marble dust along with acrylic, oil, ink and wax into the canvas. "That reminds me of my own cultural heritage", she says.

She is always learning and expanding her experiences on exploring the materials she uses on her works. 
Mara has been showing her paintings in the US, Brazil, London, Barcelona and Japan.
About Rachael:

Raised in the country, Rachael's roots are close to the land, animals and her love of the sea.  She draws her inspiration from nature all around her.  You can see that in all of her pieces whether it's a tentacle from an octopus, an ocean wave or an owl with the moon as a backdrop, often incorporating textures from tree bark, leaves or seaweed. 

Using her skills that she has picked up from doing ceramics, stain glass, sculpturing in concrete, welding, drawing, jewelry and metal smithing.  Her pieces are made from reclaimed silver using precious metal clay (fine silver), sterling silver and copper.  Every piece she completes is a celebration that helps reduce our negative impact on our earth and at the same time creating something that others can enjoy and wear.  
Born in Sonoma County, Rachael went to school at Humboldt State University and has traveled to Arrowmont School of Art and Crafts in Gatlinburg, Tennessee as an assistant instructor.  She continues to take classes and explore new techniques and materials.  When she isn't working on her art, she enjoys good food, good company and walks at the ocean with her dog, River.
3/28/2018 12:00:00 AM 2/27/2018 12:00:00 AM
One Time - Days - 2/27/2018 to 3/28/2018
Fourth Street Fine Art...
- 4th Street Fine Art - 94710 Berkeley - California
Event free
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Fifty-six years after having organised the Olympic Games, the Japanese capital will be hosting a Summer edition for the second time, from 24 July to 9 August 2020. The Games in 1964 radically transformed the country. According to the organisers of the event in 2020, the Games of the XXXII Olympiad of the modern era will be “the most innovative ever organised, and will rest on three fundamental principles to transform the world: striving for your personal best (achieving your personal best); accepting one another (unity in diversity); and passing on a legacy for the future (connecting to tomorrow)”.

Aligning with the reforms advocated by Olympic Agenda 2020, the Tokyo Games will use as many existing competition venues as possible, namely those built for the Games in 1964, such as the prestigious Nippon Budokkan for judo, the Baji Koen Park for equestrian events, and the Yoyogi National Gymnasium for handball. The Tokyo National Stadium, where the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and athletics competitions will be staged, will be completely revamped and replaced by a new arena.

Japan has been an Olympic land since the Summer Games of 1964, which were the first to be staged in Asia. In 2020, the country will host its fourth Games, if we include the Winter Games of 1972 in Sapporo and of 1998 in Nagano.

8/9/2020 12:00:00 AM 7/24/2020 12:00:00 AM
1,000.00 20.00
One Time - Days - 7/24/2020 to 8/9/2020
Tokyo - Japan...
- Tokyo - Japan - 00000 Abbeville - Alabama
Event paid -  Price: 20.00 to 1,000.00
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Founded in: 1147
Population: 11,551,930

Founded in the 12th century, Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation and one of the most renowned and fascinating cities in the world. It is a dynamic 21st century metropolis showcasing some of the world’s best shopping, nightlife, restaurants and culture. Moscow welcomes over four million tourists each year.

Home to over 130 nationalities and 11 million residents, Moscow is served by three international airports and the world’s second busiest underground system. If one hasn’t visited Moscow lately, one hasn’t visited Moscow.

The city is blessed with beautiful architecture and such renowned cultural landmarks as the Bolshoi Theatre, the Kremlin, the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum and the Tretyakov Gallery, to name but a few. Moscow is also home to three UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the Kremlin and Red Square. The colourful St Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square is the symbol of both Moscow and Russia.

Luzhniki Stadium is located at the centre of Moscow’s 145-hectare Olympic complex, one of the largest sports complexes in the world. Luzhniki Stadium will be the main venue and the heart of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ tournament, used for the Opening Match, a semi-final and the Final. The Luzhniki sports complex stretches along the Moscow River and lies opposite the beautiful Vorob’evy Hills Natural Park. The majestic Moscow State University observation area overlooks the stadium.

Moscow is surrounded by satellite towns and neighbourhoods that comprise Moscow Region. Visitors can travel by bus or train to the small Russian cities as old as Moscow, and bursting with history and charm. 

7/15/2018 12:00:00 AM 6/14/2018 12:00:00 AM
10,000.00 50.00
One Time - Days - 6/14/2018 to 7/15/2018
Russian Federation...
- Luzhniki Stadium - Moscow - 94900 Abbeville - Alabama
Event paid -  Price: 50.00 to 10,000.00
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